Restoration Cleaners

Restoration Cleaners is a multidimensional cleaning company. Be it smoke or fire, water or mold, vandalism or any other contaminants, Restoration Cleaners restore all “soft goods” and electronics, bringing them back to pre-loss conditions. Restoration Cleaners specializes in the restoration cleaning of all fabrics, leathers, rugs, stuffed toys, draperies and other specialty items. It serves residential and commercial clients, with a focus on the hotel industry. With offices located in Houston, San Antonio and Austin, the company services the entire state of Texas.

The Cleaning Company

The Cleaning Company Houston (formerly Restoration Cleaners) has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry; we provide a one stop shop for ALL of your cleaning needs. The Cleaning Company is a member of the Houston Lodging Association of Greater Houston (HLAGH).

Rumber Materials

Rumber Materials, LLC manufactures a wide variety of strong and highly durable products from 100% recycled tire rubber and plastics. The majority of the company’s products consist of boards which are produced in varying lengths and widths that are used as substitutes for wood or plastic. Rumber composite material can also be used at full strength to create new products through injection or compression molding, extrusion or pressing into sheets. Rumber products are environmentally friendly, are stronger than other composites and are impervious to fluids, mud, oil and UV rays. Rumber boards will not crack, rot or split and they have a traction surface that increases safety. They can be cut with a saw, are easily installed and are easy to clean.

Former Investments

Bama Butler

Bama Butler provides laundry services as well as many other convenience/delivery services to college students. Adams founded Bama Butler in 1998 as a sophomore at the University of Alabama.

Newton Nurseries

New Nurseries have been providing the landscape community with superior plant material and outstanding service for over 30 years.
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