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Small businesses whose growth has stalled in a variety of industries turn to BA Interests for essential know-how, capital and personnel to grow their companies to the next level.  BA Interests helps you effectively apply the same, focused business processes we have used personally to increase sales and profitability. Learn more about the services we provide below.

Strategy and Planning

Even the smallest companies that are capable of providing all of their own start-up capital should operate from a strong business plan. Without taking this step, the likelihood of becoming unfocused (and failing) rises significantly. Failure to identify and measure key performance factors can compound these issues. We can help you develop plans that work as a playbook to be used, monitored and adapted as you gain additional information about your business and markets.

  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Financial Planning and Modeling

Sales Generation and Process

Most businesses these days have a lack of sales or top line revenue. We help small businesses with on-site tailored assistance programs geared at development of additional profitable sales and in field sales generation. Marketing Programs are created and placed into development with focus of sales generation. Individual tailored Sales Process programs are developed and put in place for each business, tailored to the individual needs.


Ensuring access to sufficient capital while retaining equity and control over your business ranks among the most vexing issues for countless start-ups. We help small businesses gain access to a broader range of funding sources than most knew were available, and to use the funding vehicles that are most appropriate for your business.

Revenue and Cash Flow Enhancement

To achieve targets for cash flow and profit growth ultimately boils down to finding, attracting and keeping more—and profitable—clients in the markets that you are best positioned to serve. We excel in developing and implementing service industry sales and customer relationship programs to help reach your goals.

  • Sales Enhancement
  • Cash Flow Strategy and Implementation


Whether you need personal coaching from business leaders who have “been there, done that,” and produced the desired results, or you need key people to help guide your company’s growth, BA Interests can help. We offer mentoring and provide individual executives and complete management teams for temporary and turnaround assignments. Our leaders—in distinct industry verticals and the small and mid markets—fill the executive void so our clients can integrate acquisitions and expand their market presence.

  • Mentoring
  • Interim Leadership Services

Operations Efficiencies

Developing and documenting operating processes and systems that work can make all the difference in whether you can spend your valuable time working on the business rather than in the business. We help you define what works, document it, then duplicate it. That frees you to focus on the strategy and tactics to grow profitably.

  • Process Development
  • Procedure Development and Implementation
  • People Development and Education Systems
  • Cost Recovery
  • Expense Reduction Programs
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