Funding, management and operations

From the ground up


We invest in companies with strong potential for growth and assist start-ups in the funding process.

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We build businesses from the ground up, revive troubled businesses, and offer mentoring, market analysis, and interim leadership to start-ups.

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We boost profit growth by digging into core business operations and maximizing efficiencies, allowing companies to fulfill their market potential.

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About us

BA Interests, LLC, operates businesses in multiple industries. We invest in new and established companies with strong potential for growth, providing management consulting and business growth services.

About the founder

Founder Brian Adams is a serial entrepreneur driven by “the thrill of the build.” BA Interests carries that drive for success to a handful of carefully selected growth opportunities. We breathe innovation and new life into businesses that have become mired in mature markets.

Services we offer

BA Interests offers mentoring, funding assistance, revenue enhancement, profit and performance management, market intelligence and competitive analysis, people development and education systems, interim leadership services, planning and development, structuring, management, and operations.